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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply choose the subscription that best suits your needs and complete the checkout process. currently accepts Paypal, credit or debit card and Cashapp.

All charges from will appear on your statement as “STILCH LLC”.

During checkout you have the option to have your subscription renew automatically for a discount. If you choose not to renew automatically you will need to renew manually upon expiration.

You can view picks by visiting your account profile page. Picks are also emailed to you. You can also choose to receive picks by text too.

You can choose to receive picks by text by visiting your account profile page.

Picks are typically released daily between 8am est – 10am est. Picks are also posted to your online account at the same time. Any delays are a result of lines or injury updates not being available.

All lines are current and widely available at the time of release. Any discrepancies are a result of the amount of time that lapses between the time we release and post our picks and the time you choose to view or play them.

You will typically receive 3-5 picks daily on average, depending on the number of sports and games available. In the event there is only 1, or a limited number of, games available you will receive at least 1 pick.

All subscriptions include all picks, regardless of “rating”. This means there is absolutely NO UPSELLING!

No. Our suggested play amounts are intended to be used a guideline. Adjust your play amounts proportionately based on your actual bankroll.
Consider the following as maximums: 

Double Platinum = 10% of bankroll
Platinum = 5% of bankroll
Gold = 3% of bankroll
Silver = 1% of bankroll

We honor all guarantees promptly.  Whether it’s free days or a refund credit, your account is automatically updated the following morning to reflect what was promised.

You will never need to chase us for what was promised!

Our Picks are rated as follows:

Double Platinum = “To win” 1000 [Platinum x 2]
Platinum = “To win” 500
Gold = “To win” 300
Silver = “To win” 100

Each day we typically release 3 or 5 picks , including our signature Platinum Picks [Double & Single].

All lines are current at the time of our releases and are issued based on a consensus of top Sportsbooks. Using a consensus means lines are widely available to the masses and not just those who deal with a specific Sportsbook. This method also results in a more fair line and does not give Stilch a line advantage for tracking purposes. Consensus Sportsbooks include MGM, Caesars, Fanduel, Draft Kings, PointsBet, Bet365, and BetRivers.

Note: Stilch is not affiliated with any Sportsbook, or compensated in any way for using them as part of the consensus group.

All Picks are graded after the game ends and according to Vegas rules. Ties [pushes] are not a loss. 

Transparency is the foundation Stilch was built on.

Picks are tracked exactly as issued in our daily releases and according to the suggested amounts.  Double Platinum Picks are tracked as 2 Platinum Picks, or “to win” 1,000.  Football and basketball picks assume -110 vig as the “standard”.  Spreads may include “buying” a half point which is stated as -120, or the premium paid.  

All picks are CPA-verified daily.

Yes! Transparency is the foundation of Stilch.

 View Picks 15 minutes after games start.
 Picks history can be viewed publicly.
 All Picks & Results are CPA verified daily.
You can view our results and picks history here.

 is more transparent than Stilch.

No, you are not authorized to share, sell or re-distribute our Picks in any way without written permission. Failure to comply with this request is a violation of copyright laws and is subject to fines, penalties and legal fees. Customers who violate this policy will have their memberships terminated immediately without refund.

Yes, simply select the subscription you would like to add and complete the checkout process.

You can update your email address by visiting your account profile page.

You can update your phone number by visiting your account profile page.

You can change or reset your password by clicking on the login button and clicking reset password.

You can update your payment information by visiting the account page. This option is located under payment information.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Member Account, or by emailing us!

Please note, there are NO REFUNDS for any unused time.

Products and subscriptions are NON-REFUNDABLE and ALL SALES ARE FINAL based on rules within our Terms of Service. 

You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the email that you receive from

Due to the large number of inquiries, we do not accept incoming calls. We prefer email because it’s quicker for everyone, especially on the busiest days of the week. Stilch provides the best customer service in the industry and the fastest response times. We typically respond within minutes, not hours or days.  In our years of doing this, we have yet to encounter one question or issue we couldn’t handle promptly by email or wasn’t already addressed in this help section.