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Why Choose Stilch?

It’s all about the edge. As odds become harder and harder to beat, the slightest mathematical discrepancy pushes the watershed of probability in your favor. Take the emotions out of it, and let past performance and mathematical probability enhance your financial outcomes. Stilch utilizes historic trends that have proven out over the past few decades, leading up to today’s action. Such trends are parsed out of public statistics databases, and only the most tenured trends are highlighted. Stilch does all the work for you. If the New York Yankees are 20-0 in the past 5 years on the second game of a double-header, why wouldn’t you play the odds the next time that system presents itself? Would you have known that edge existed if it wasn’t for Stilch?

Picks on Demand

We’ll get the picks to you, however you’d like. Website. Email. Text. Telegram. Twitter. We’re all about ease. Whether at work, or on the go, we’ll get your daily dose of picks to you. Prefer a communication method that we don’t already offer? Ask us!


As the Stilch community grows, we’re encouraging you to be apart of it. Chat with fellow community members to discuss the daily picks. Don’t give away alpha though, we like to keep our community small and strong. Only paying members will be given the best the algorithms have to offer.


While past performance does not necessarily guarantee future success, data doesn’t lie. Stilch algorithms pull trend-lines that run back to the origination of public sports data. If you’re going to take a risk, hedge it with Stilch:

Frequently Asked Questions

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